The origin of Chihuahuas is not precisely known, so there is to some legends. The region of origin is suspected in Mexico, China or Malta. Most likely Mexico, from the largest and most northern province of the country called Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas were already at the time of the Aztecs very popular dog. Died a Aztec, he was burned with his belongings and his dog, because it was believed that the dog the dead shows the way to paradise. So did the dog but only if he was treated well during his lifetime. Therefore, it lacked the Chihuahuas to nothing. The dogs were primarily reserved for chiefs and leading warriors. As the race spread, and farmers have benefited, to be allowed to own a Chivi.

Another origin theory is to spread the breed in Malta. Even in Egyptian tombs were found bones of small dogs. Whether the Chivis now came from Malta to America or of Mexican farmers, which can not be settled properly. 1904 was the first entry in the American Stud Book and 1923 there the first breed standard was established. Around 1960 Chihuahusa probably came from Malta to England, where the British Kennel Club recognized the breed directly.

In Germany Chivis were first registered in 1956:
FCI-Standard Nr. 218
Origin: Mexico
Company Hundsgruppe 9 / Companion and Toy Dogs
Section 6, Chihuahueño
Longhair and shorthair

Our breeding female Vicki

The Chihuahua is regarded as attentive, quick and very brave. All color varieties are permitted, and the weight should be between 1500g and 3000g are, not exceed 3000g but. Sometimes you get very small dogs, the grown barely exceed 500g and those around 1000g. From these dogs should refrain, as they can be very susceptible to disease, and life expectancy is well below that of a healthy dog. Chivis are very old and therefore you meet quite often even 16 year old dogs.

The Chivi is a smart, sassy dwarf who runs like a breeze with longer distances. Therefore, Chivi is definitely not a pocket dog or a fashion accessory. He is a full, happy dog, who is a faithful companion for many years with loving and species-appropriate education. The hype of today, to demote the dog to fashion pooch with plush skirts and T-shirts, is very questionable. The need robust, small "brush" not sure.

Official breed clubs countries are hardly growing numbers, it swells the Internet through with ads Teacup dogs significantly below 1000g final weight. This is pure agony breeding and terribly for the dog. It offered Dogs of Mass Destruction Mehrern who also often come from Eastern Europe. These are often much too early, delivered by 6-7 weeks, are too small, too young, unvaccinated and hypoglycaemic. From the purchase on the Internet and buying of dogs without FCI papers We strongly advise.

We attach great importance to the breeding of healthy dogs. All dogs have FCI-papers, we inspected regularly and constantly further our education. Here everyone can come and see and we are always there when questions are; Of course even after the purchase. The new dog owners we are looking very carefully, so that we lovingly reared and cheerful dogs and their new family much joy for many years. Sometimes it is also worthwhile to wait for a litter. The purchase of a dog must be well thought out, you should be well informed and keep in mind that the dog until about 16 years a family member definitely about the breed and the breeder.